Concessions and installment payments

For customers who wish to pay for a service or a digital product developed by us at Luxy, in installments, we have thought of a series of concessions.

We offer our customers the option of deferring interest-free payments or renting them.

How do the installments work?

  • The installments are chosen based on the customer's needs

  • The customer chooses the service to purchase and makes the first payment with his credit card.

  • The first transaction automatically activates the installment with recurring charge on the customer's credit card.

The request for installment payments must be expressed via email to or by telephone. The feasibility will be agreed with the customer.

How does the rental work ?

  • The customer chooses the product he wants, among those available in the "For Rent" area

  • Proceed with the purchase, paying the first installment.

  • The project is developed and delivered within the timelines shown.

  • The customer pays his rental rate every month, if the payment is interrupted, the app is blocked and revoked.

  • The customer can unlock it within 30 days, or it will be deleted

The rental does not require any credit guarantee from the customer, and is applicable only to products that can be purchased from the shop in the "rent" section.

We offer the best prices in Italy and Europe and we are always close to the needs of our customers.

In addition to installment payments, there is the possibility of splitting the payment into several installments without any credit guarantee or credit card.

What are the differences?


  • With the installment payment by card, the product / service is purchased and delivered to the customer, starting from the first installment.

  • With the payment divided into several tranches, the product / service is delivered only when the balance is paid.  

For customers who do not need to subscribe to the benefits, there is the possibility of agreeing down payment and balance!

We also remind you that we at Luxy develop the draft for free and without down payments, only after the customer has viewed it can you proceed with the down payment.

We are on the side of our customers always!

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