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All products and services offered are sold by us at Luxy.

Some customers may decide to resell our products or services under their brand, thus using our white label service.

How does it work?

Choose the product you want to resell, including apps, websites, software, translations, etc.

Request the price list for resellers (by e-mail or via the customer area)

Buy and sell the product that we will develop for you, following the project presented to your client!

We guarantee assistance and help you earn money by making you sell products and services to your customers with your brand, without constraints or extra costs!

Reseller program 2020

Since 2020, he decided to become a reseller of our products and services, will have access to a restricted area with all the products available and their prices for retailers.

The retailer will thus be able to have his own database with the products available, ready to be ordered, as if it were his warehouse.

The products are all categorized and complete with descriptions and images to show to the retailer's customer, just add the product to be resold in the cart and we will proceed with the development! The retailer will thus always have access to an up-to-date virtual "warehouse", gaining time and points to be converted into discounts.

Where can I resell?

You can resell our products and services wherever you want. We offer translation and development services in other languages, so as to allow our reseller customers to offer products and services under their own brand in different countries.


Those who decide to become a reseller will have access to our dedicated price list and can decide to resell the product with their own brand at the desired amount without constraints.

What do we offer to resellers?

Those who decide to resell an app will have access to a platform for managing their customers' apps. It will therefore be able to offer assistance or modifications, and possibly give restricted access to a customer.

You can also click on the "new app" button to develop endless apps for free. The payment of the latter will take place only with the request for the file for independent publication or after the request for publication. The price is lower and allows greater autonomy. Development, on the other hand, is totally free.

For apps and all other products and services we offer 30 days of free support included.


Resellers are entitled to brochures, flyers, pdfs and white label elements (therefore without our brand) to be sent to customers.

So, like video tutorials and guides for using the platform to manage apps!

Anyone who decides to resell a product will also receive our printable certificate.

Do you want to become a White Label reseller?