Digital consultancy

From the conception of an app or a site to publication, how many times have you ever needed legal or technical advice?

From the registration of the intellectual idea, passing through the legal protections for data transmitted by and on the apps, up to the request for publication of the apps in stores that "reject" the publication of the apps.

From business plans essential for your business, to feasibility studies and technical or appraisal reports ...

We at Luxy for your site, your App, your software or other, we offer you a legal and technical consultancy service in the "digital" field with specialized technicians and lawyers.

Together with our translation department, we are able to offer you legal advice also in English.

The legal advice will not be carried out by us at Luxy, but by a law firm we rely on!


Intellectual property


Patents and ideas


Publications in the stores




Funding and Calls


Feasibility studies

Business Plan

Online presence

Technical expertise on Websites, Apps and Software

Appraisals and specification documents


We at LU X Y are the only ones who can offer you all this at an affordable price.  

Intellectual Property Law

Patents and new ideas

App publications in stores (apps rejected, suspended or deleted)

Contracts for apps and websites

Protection in the data processing of website and app users

Rights of workers who use software in the company

Rights of companies purchasing software to be used in the company

Freedom of expression and digital journalism
Protection of image and online privacy
Distinguishing marks, trademarks, patents and domain names

Feasibility studies

Business plan

Online presence

Technical and appraisal appraisals for Websites, Apps and Software

Rights and licenses on digital content
File sharing and streaming of audiovisual content
Digital rights management (DRM) systems and protection systems
Reworking and creative reuse of contents: creative commons

Innovative Start-ups

Request for Calls - Funds - Financing

NB. Some services are carried out by law or commercial firms and not directly by us at Luxy

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If a man does not intend to take any risks for his ideas, either his ideas are worth nothing or he is worth nothing.
(Ezra Pound)

Protect your ideas!